Vertical milling machine with a cross table, CNC and automatic tool change mod. MS6590MF4

Machine features:

– The machine is designed for automatic processing of complex configuration parts such as cams, copiers, stamps, preforms or the like, as well as processing of body parts with a large number of operations;

– CNC allows you to automate the processing process and increase labor productivity when drilling and boring holes, tapping and milling;

– The machine allows processing products, the total weight of which, together with the device, reaches 4000 kg.

Parameter name МS6590МF4
Accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 Н
Table working surface width, mm 1 000
Table working surface length, mm 2 000
Distance from the end of the spindle to the working surface of the table, mm





1 000

The greatest table travel, mm




2 000

1 000

The greatest stroke of the headstock, mm 875
The largest diameter of the tool installed in the magazine (without a pass nests), mm 125 (90)
Number of slots in the store 24
Number of controlled axes of coordinates, not less 3
Number of simultaneously controlled axes of coordinates, not less 3
Positioning accuracy along the axes, mm +0,01
Limits of table feed, mm / min 0,5…10 000
Headstock feed limits, mm / min 1 …6 000
Spindle speed limits (stepless regulation), min 2… 6 000
Machine weight without attachments 19 000
Overall dimensions of the machine without attachments, no more, mm





5 800

5 050

4 380