Turning machining centre mod. MSTK16MF4

Features of the machines:

– Layout of a turning-carousel machining center with an integrated milling function in the machine slider;

– The design of the faceplate drive for the implementation of the milling function with the elimination of gaps in the kinematic chain and with a hydromechanical shutdown-inclusion mechanism depending on the processing mode (turning, milling);

– Construction of automatic tool change with 2 tool magazines for turning and driven (milling, axial) tools;

– Providing the installation of various milling heads with a spindle located at an angle to the Z axis and the implementation of the technology for processing the corresponding parts;

– Expansion of the technological capabilities of the machine through the use of a contour CNC system and a cutting tool equipped with modern instrumental materials;

– Reduction of auxiliary time due to the use of automatic tool change with 2 tool magazines;

– Ensuring equipment safety with cabinet-type protection.

Parameter name МSTK16МF4К
The largest diameter of the workpiece, mm 1 600
Faceplate diameter, mm 1250
The highest frequency of rotation of the faceplate, min-1 400
Main drive motor power, kW 55
Milling spindle motor power, kW 22
The highest frequency of rotation of the milling spindle, min-1 3000
Number of calipers, pcs 1
The largest movements of the vertical support, mm:








(to the left)


(to the right)


Capacity of tool magazines, pcs .:

with driven (milling, axial) tool

with turning tool