Social policy

The administration of MZOR OJSC and the trade union committee make every effort, first of all, to create decent social and living conditions for their employees, a healthy social climate. For this reason, a number of arrangements are made aimed at team building, support of morale, promotion of mutual respect for each other.

A plant club functions at the enterprise to organize leisure time for employees, carry out cultural-mass work. The club has a choir of the folk song “Raduysia”. The collective of the folk choir “Raduysia” has achieved high artistic results: winner of the festival “Suzorye” in Minsk, winner of the republican festival “Belaya Rus”, winner of the amateur festival among the collectives of the Trade Union of Industry of the Republic of Belarus. Traditionally, themed evenings and concerts are held for the stuff members on the occasion of public holidays: March 8, Victory Day, the professional holiday – Machine Builders Day, New Year and Christmas, etc.

A holiday concert for International Women’s Day. Folk choir of the folk song “Raduysia”

Congratulations to veterans on Victory Day


Holiday concert dedicated to Christmas and New Year 2020



In order to increase labor productivity and the quality of work performed, the plant administration, together with the trade union committee, holds a competition for the title of “Best Worker” among the staff members, with the placement of photos of the best workers on the Honors Board, a professional skills competition is held among lathe operators, millers.000

Honoring the best workers and veterans is organized on the scale of the plant with the involvement of public organizations – the trade union and shop committees, the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, the veterans organization. A procedure has been developed for honoring anniversaries, veterans of the plant, winners of various competitions. As a rule, honoring the best workers, veterans, young specialists, winners in the competition of professional skills is held at a festive celebration dedicated to the Machine Builders Day.


Professional holiday – Machine Builders Day, honoring the best workers



Sports and recreation work is carried out at the enterprise. Employees of MZOR OJSC take part in sports events, in a tourist rally.

Participation of the combined team in the Winter Sports and Athletic Contest among organizations of the Leninsky district of Minsk


Participation of the combined team in a tourist rally among organizations of the Leninsky district of Minsk


Special attention is paid to young specialists. Every year, according to tradition, young specialists are honored with the participation of the plant administration, chief specialists, sometimes representatives of educational institutions from which graduates have been sent are invited. The honoring is held in a festive atmosphere with the presentation of memorable prizes and wishes to each young specialist. Each young specialist is assigned a mentor from the number of qualified employees. In addition, an adaptation plan for young specialists is developed, which includes lectures, classes and seminars conducted by leading specialists and the administration of the enterprise in order to involve young specialists in the labor process as quickly as possible and further adapt at the enterprise.

Meeting of young specialists with the General Director, honoring young specialists










The social climate in the labor collective is built in cooperation with public organizations: the primary trade union, primary organization public association “BRSM”, primary organization republican public association “Belaya Rus”, the volunteer squad, the veterans organization. Thanks to the functioning of these primary cells, the employees of the enterprise actively participate in events organized by the enterprise and the administration of the Leninsky district of Minsk.

Victory Day

We are rooting for OUR TEAM!!! (Minsk Ski Track, European Games, USA-Europe match and other events taking place in 2019 in Minsk)


For a more diverse leisure of employees, together with the trade union organization, excursions are organized, theater tickets are purchased, gifts and tickets for New Year’s performances are purchased for the children of employees of the enterprise for the New year and Christmas, vouchers for sanatorium treatment and wellness are allocated.

Excursion to Brest

Excursion to the homeland of Janka Kupala in Viazynka

Excursion to the Sula History Park