Special Longitudinal Drilling and Milling Machine with CNC and Automatic Toolchanger, МС21Г25МФ4 model

Special Longitudinal Drilling and Milling Machine with Numerical Control Unit (CNC) and Automatic Toolchanger, МС21Г25МФ4 model.

The machine is designed for complex machining of large-sized body parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by milling, drilling, boring and threading methods.

Technical Characteristics of a Special Longitudinal Drilling and Milling Machine, МС21Г25МФ4 Model

Characteristic Value

Size of table work area, mm:

– width

– lenght


2 500

6 000

Distance between columns of portal, mm 3 500
Range of spindle speeds, min-1 10…3000
Power of main motion drive, kW 30
Total number of axes 5
Number of simultaneously controlled axis 3

A feature of the layout arrangement of the machine is a longitudinally movable portal and a fixed table, on the work area of which workpieces are placed. The portal moves along roller guides fixed on separately standing bases and carries a vertical milling and drilling headstock with a vertically movable slider with a built-in main motion drive. The headstock is equipped with an extension and universal milling heads that provide machining of the upper and side planes of parts.

Discrete rotation of the universal milling head around two axes (vertical and located at an angle of 45°) is carried out automatically under the control of the CNC.

The machine provides positioning accuracy of 30 micrometer at a length of 4000 mm and production flexibility upon implementation of new technologies for machining of almost any part on a fixed table.

Innovative solutions
Development on the basis of МС21Г25МФ4 model machine of a new range of Gantry-type portal machines with a range of main motion drive power of 30-40 kW and a wide range of coordinate movement lengths:

1. portal (axis Х) – from 5 000 to 20 000 mm;
2. headstock (axis Y) – from 1 500 to 4 500 mm;
3. slider (axis Z) – from 800 to 1 500 mm;
4. increase in feedrate to 15 m/min.

The machine is equipped with various milling heads of universal and special purpose (straight and angular), the control system of the workpiece is applied