Environmental protection

The environmental protection policy is one of the elements of the organization’s business process planning and is used by the top management as a means of managing the organization in order to improve its activities.

MZOR OJSC acknowledges that the production activity of the enterprise is associated with a negative impact on the environment and takes all possible measures to minimize such impact.

Ensuring environmental safety is one of the priorities of the organization. For its implementation, MZOR OJSC operates an environmental management system certified for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2017 (certificate of conformity No. BY/112 06.01.092 00402 valid until 07.08.2021).

The environmental management system of MZOR OJSC covers the design, production, repair, upgrading of machines and the provision of services for the manufacture of metal products, which represents a systematic approach and continuous improvement in the work to reduce environmental risks, to reduce environmental payments, to form the image of the enterprise as an environmentally responsible one, as well as to improve relations with the parties concerned on compliance with norms and requirements in the field of environmental protection and nature management.

The environmental management system is a part of the general enterprise management system responsible for a systematic approach to environmental protection in all areas of the plant’s production activities. It is integrated into the processes of the quality management and occupational health and safety management systems. This system makes it possible to achieve, systematically monitor and minimize the level of impacts of production activities on the environment of the region.

Within the framework of the functioning of the environmental management system in MZOR OJSC, significant aspects in the field of the environment were identified, as well as an assessment of risks and opportunities for environmental impact was carried out. In order to reduce the impact of production activities on the environment, the enterprise annually implements environmental protection measures aimed at reducing the environmental load. Along with the existing approved plans and programs, production observations are carried out annually at the plant in accordance with the Instructions for the Implementation of Production Observations in the field of Environmental Protection, Rational Use of Natural Resources.

The effective functioning of the environmental management system in MZOR OJSC is ensured by support and leadership role of the top management. The position of the management in the field of the environment is set out in the Policy of the Enterprise in the field of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection.

 The objectives of MZOR OJSC in the field of environmental protection and nature management cover the following areas:

  • rational use of natural and energy resources;
  • protection of atmospheric air;
  • water-resources conservation;
  • protection of flora objects;
  • protection of lands (soils);
  • management of production wastes;
  • management of chemicals;
  • training;
  • improving the environmental culture of the staff and development of environmental awareness;
  • development and implementation of resource-saving, low-waste technologies in production;
  • monitoring of emissions, discharges of harmful substances and certification of workplaces;
  • compliance with environmental standards and requirements in the development and production of products, construction, reconstruction and expansion of production facilities;
  • emergency preparedness.

Approaches of MZOR OJSC in the field of environmental protection:

  • compliance with the legislation and legal norms of the Republic of Belarus;
  • involvement of all parties concerned;
  • improvement of the environmental management system;
  • minimization of the environmental impact of production;
  • disclosure of complete and reliable information about the results of the plant’s work;
  • increased responsibility.