About us

0000Joint Stock Company “MZOR” (JSC “MZOR”) is the only enterprise in the Republic of Belarus that produces heavy multifunctional metal-cutting machines and CNC machining centers of various levels of automation for processing large-sized parts up to 5,000 mm wide and up to 30,000 mm long.

0000With more than 100 years of history in the production of metalworking and technological equipment, JSC “MZOR” has retained its potential in the machine tool cluster throughout the post-Soviet space.

0000The list of equipment developed and manufactured at JSC “MZOR”:

  1. gantry heavy longitudinal milling and boring machines with a movable table or a movable portal;
  2. horizontal drilling, milling and boring machines with CNC and UASI;
  3. single-column horizontal longitudinal milling-boring machines with a movable column or movable table, equipped with CNC and UASI systems;
  4. vertical milling machines with CNC and UASI;
  5. longitudinal planing and planing-milling machines;
  6. special edge-planing and edge-milling machines;
  7. longitudinal grinding machines;
  8. slotting machines;
  9. turning and boring machines with CNC and automatic tool change;
  10. balancing machines of various degrees of automation;
  11. two-stamp peat briquetting presses;
  12. wire-nail machines;
  13. special milling machines for processing reinforcement of internal and external seams at the ends of pipes;
  14. special technological equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with the individual requirements of a particular Customer.0000Scientific, design, technological and production components of the full cycle allow JSC “MZOR” to offer the Customer not just machines, but complexes, which include: a machine tool, a device, a tool, technological and software, as well as engineering and service support of the supplied equipment.
    0000Products of the enterprise comply with international quality standards, which is confirmed by a certified and functioning integrated quality management system, environmental management system and labor protection management system developed by specialists of JSC MZOR.
    0000Machines manufactured by JSC “MZOR” are successfully operated at the largest enterprises of various industries both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
    0000 Along with the manufacture of metal-cutting machines, the enterprise is engaged in overhaul with the modernization of technological equipment, both of its own production and of other manufacturers, including foreign ones; provides metalworking services.
    0000 JSC MZOR  is a reliable partner in all areas of its activities.
    0000 We are open to any form of mutually beneficial cooperation.